Our focus is to develop compelling responsive, mobile adaptive web sites to your specifications at reasonable rates in a realistic timeframe. MURCON can design a variety of types of sites and uses a variety of leading edge tools for development.

Our design staff is highly trained in the latest mobile adaptive, mobile responsive web page design techniques so that your site will draw the highest level of attention and usability possible. This includes the newest responsive web design (like this website) so that your website can be easily viewed from desk top to laptop to tablet to smartphone. And, we have the ability to promote your website on literally hundreds of search engines, directories, and lists across the Internet.

Why choose us

It would be easy to just tell you that we are a great choice to handle your website, one of the most critical elements inyour marketing plan. But, we would rather have you talk to those who have experienced the who, what, how, where, and how much of MURCON. So we would recommend you contact our clients directly.

We invite you to click on any one of the website examples below and talk to the person in charge of their internet marketing or website. We are confident that your next call will be to MURCON.

Experience and Creativity

So why do business with MURCON? The difference is experience and creativity. We have been creating commercial standard and ecommerce websites since 2002. We started out creating all of our websites from the ground up. Now, in order to provide our clients with the most compelling websites possible, we usually start with a pre-constructed frame work. We then use our extensive creativity to customize the look and feel and graphics to suite our clients' needs.

Our websites are either static designs or designs using the latest Content Management Systems (CMS) available. We are currently focusing on helping businesses adapt their websites to be "mobile friendly" using the latest responsive, mobile adaptive website design techniques. Check out the MURCON website on your smartphone! And, view some of the websites we have recently developed by clicking on the screen shots below.

Contact MURCON today to find out more about how we can help you gain more exposure, gather stronger leads, and increase revenue through a compelling website and internet marketing program.

MURCON can also provide you with a variety of other database application development and mobile computing application development solutions.

(NOTE: All work done in the United States of America!!)

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� Tom has served as my expert on many technology and internet issues. I could always turn to him to set up my internet and guide me through any internet issues. He has always been able to answer any questions and resolve any problems and always does it promptly. In fact, I will be using Tom again to work with me on an internet marketing plan. �