MS Access Databases -- Better Business Management Through Better Data Management.

So what are MS Access Databases? How can they help me?

Let's start with "database." What is it? A database is, in its simplest form, an automated 3X5 card box or a set of 3X5 card boxes whose cards are related to each other in some way. A box is like an Excel spread sheet. Easiest example is a set of family address cards or a spreadsheet listing the names and addresses of your brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles, etc. Each card or each row in the spreadsheet is a record. Each record contains pieces of information in cells or "fields" like first name, last name, street address. In a database the box of cards or spreadsheet is a table in the database with rows (records) and columns (fields).

A database can have many, many tables and an application can have multiple databases plus forms, queries, macros, reports, and other objects which together allow the user to better manage data.

So What? I can sort of do that with Excel! True. Excel can do some of what a database application development program like Access can do. But, Access can do a lot more and more easily to address complex management questions to derive actionable information.

Actionable Information. That's what MURCON is in the business to help businesses derive from the stacks of data all around and within them. If you are looking for actionable information instead of stacks of data -- and maybe a little wisdom besides -- contact us today!

MURCON -- "We Make Data Speak Your Language!"

Why choose us

Tom Murphy of MURCON has been developing business information management solutions using Microsoft Access for since 1995. Microsoft Access has changed considerably over the years, but the problem solution concepts and data management concepts remain the same. And, we can manage the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from concept through implementation and support. When experience counts, MURCON can help. Contact us today!

MURCON does not focus on one particular industry or specific problem. We focus on addressing data management challenges critical to the success of a particular business. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, hortaculturalist, nature preserve, or non-profit organization with one pc or an international network, if you need better management and reporting of production, quality control, human resources, productivity, quotation and sales or other data to create the actionable information you need to better manage your business, MURCON can help. Contact us today!

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� I have requested Tom's help on many different types of projects over the years. Tom has worked closely with us to develop systems that monitor our processes, manage labor and material cost, and bridge the gap between our estimating and accounting systems. He has yet to disappoint. I can't give a higher recommendation.�